Standing against Discrimination in Europe – DiEM25 Warm-up Demo @ Oranienplatz

19 May 2019

Oranienplatz, 10999 Berlin

Ours in an unequal Europe. Today, many women, minorities and migrants in Europe face discrimination and violence in their daily lives. Governments and politicians are doing nothing to stop the unequal treatment – and the far right is only encouraging it.

This is why on May 19 at 11 am we will gather at Oranienplatz to demonstrate that we stand against all forms of discrimination. We will raise or voices against racist violence, harassment and discrimination in all spheres of society.

Your voice matters too! Join us, raise your voice and vote for progressive, green and fair Europe – list 25 – DEMOKRATIE IN EUROPA – DiEM 25.

Equality is at the very core of our program. We demand concrete actions to fight against racial profiling at all levels of European society. We will force all companies to implement an equal pay standard to correct the gender wage gap. We will call for a convention on reproductive rights to guarantee that every woman has access to free and decent care.

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