We will invest in Europe's youth. Millions of young people today lack access to decent education and job opportunities. This failure has put the future of Europe at risk.

We will fight to restore young people’s faith in the European project by expanding opportunities for them to travel, study, work, and participate in European democracy.

We believe that a free and well-resourced public education system can be a powerful engine toward a fair and inclusive Europe.

We will introduce a plan for a more integrated European public education system that still respects the diversity of education models across the EU.

  1. New solidarity funds will invest in public education systems in order to balance outcomes across Europe.
  2. Each course of study, at both the high school and university levels, will guarantee a degree that fits into a common European framework with automatic equivalence across the EU.
  3. Among universities, public funding will be allocated on the basis of academic projects rather than rewarding a “publish or perish” culture.
  4. We will support professors to do inter-university exchange in order to faci-litate academic dialogue between European universities. And we willmake it easier for students to carry their credentials and training bet-ween universities and member-state education systems.

We will fight for a Universal Erasmus that guarantees access to the programme for every European youth.

We will expand the budget in order to facilitate participation, and we will introduce new political education programs that encourage young people to pursue international activism.

Our goal is to move beyond Erasmus’s focus on ‘marketable’ skills to support a pan-European youth movement.

The Youth Guarantee has supported many young people to enter work and acquire skills — but many young people still lack access to opportunities for training or decent work.

We propose a strengthened Youth Guarantee. We will enforce higher rates of investment across Member-States in order to expand access to training and meaningful work.

We will call for greater oversight of Youth Guarantee placement in order to ensure that jobs are not only decent – but also offer the opportunity to pursue a professional career. We will directly coordinate with youth organisations to help deliver this improved Youth Guarantee, empowering them to launch their own ventures.

We propose the creation of a European apprenticeship contract that will provide greater mobility to young workers to pursue opportunities abroad. The common contract will be valid in all countries in the European Union, allowing young people to do an apprenticeship in any company registered in the EU.

We will crack down on youth exploitation. We call for an end to both unpaid internships and under-paid internships that cut wages under the legislated minimum. We will support the formation of youth unions on the Transnational Workers Commission that can bargain on behalf of young workers.

We are proposing a Europe-wide initiative to train a new generation of teachers. The European Teaching Corps will support university graduates to teach in primary and secondary schools across the EU.

The goal is both to provide new opportunities to young people to become teachers and travel the continent, but also to increase the multi-lingual resources in Europe’s primary and secondary education system.

Europeans share a common history, and it deserves a special place in our education system. We are proposing the development of a new course on the History of Europe for primary and secondary students across Europe, encouraging schools to adopt common content to commemorate shared history.

The voice of the youth is rarely heard in European politics today: few participate in politics, and fewer find a place at the negotiating table.

We will fight to include a quota of youth representative sat every level of European governance. In addition, we will radically expand the Structured Dialogue, reaching out to communities that have historically had little access to EU institutions and developing new digital platforms that can encourage participation among young people who cannot travel to participate in person.

Europe’s youth will inherit its institutions: it must shape them, as well.

Our Policies

Please find all our policies as PDF here.