No one should face discrimination on the basis of their identity. Across Europe, there is a large gap between cis men and other genders in terms of paid wages and political power. On average, women are paid 16 per cent less than men — two full months of unpaid work each year. Meanwhile, millions of people with uteri are denied the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

They are not alone. People in the LGBTTQIA+ community are also fighting for their fundamental rights to safety, family, and autonomy.

European Spring will stand up for a more equal Europe, with dignity forall.

We are calling for a pan-European Equal Pay Standard (EPS) in order to end gender-based discrimination in the workplace.

The EPS will prevent employers from inquiring about past income as the basis for salary negotiations, therefore forcing all employers to base pay on qualifications.

The EPS will also force employers to publish their internal salary payments to increase transparency. All employees will be allowed to petition discrepancies in pay between colleagues, and employers must respond with detailed reasoning for remaining pay gaps.

We will fight for gender parity in our politics. We propose the introduction of a European gender parity clause that will ensure an equal and fair representation of all genders at all levels of all EU institutions.

The proposal will also stipulate new gender balance thresholds for the electoral lists of political parties in the European Parliament.

We believe that gender-based oppression in one member-state is a threat to marginalized genders in all of them. We are calling for a pan-European Convention on Reproductive Rights, which sanctions member-states that fail to guarantee safety, security, and reproductive autonomy.

In the Convention, we will call for a range of immediate reforms to promote reproductive rights.

  1. We demand free and easy access to contraception without prescription.
  2. Hygiene products like tampons, sanitary towels as well as menstruation cups should be affordable and freely accessible in schools, universities, work places and public spaces of all kinds.
  3. All people with uteri in Europe should have access to and free information about safe and legal abortion.
  4. Pregnant people should have access to prenatal care through free prenatal testing, free midwifery care, free or subsidised courses in order to help them prepare for the delivery.
  5. People at risk of foetal death or premature birth should be entitled to a fully paid holiday during pregnancy.These rights extend into parenthood.
  6. Parents should be entitled to 480 days of parental leave. Parents who are not employed should also be entitled to parental leave.
  7. Outside the 480 paid days, parents should also have the legal right to reduce their normal working hours to spend more time with their children.

The EU must do more to end gender-based violence. We will fight to protect and extend the Istanbul Convention, calling on all member-statesto ratify protections against gender exploitation.

We will fight for all member-states to implement the special protections for women who remain at high risk.

All EU-sponsored facilities for asylum-seekers must provide gender-specific facilities that guarantee protection from harassment and sexual assault. Exploitation and oppression based on gender should be respected as a basis for refugee status.

European Spring demands equal rights and privileges for LGBTTQIA+people. We will fight for all EU member-states to recognize all marriages between partners and guarantee marriage privileges to those partners.

In addition, we will fight to guarantee LGBTTQIA+ people’s right to adopt children. Finally, we will fight for all EU member-states to recognize non-binary people and guarantee free access to transition procedures.

Our Policies

Please find all our policies as PDF here.