Europe must stand for peace and solidarity with people around the world. The EU today plays a major role in arming and subsidizing violent conflicts in non-EU countries. The EU’s trade policy plays a major role in exploiting workers in non- EU countries.

European Spring will fight to end Europe’s role in armed conflict and exploitation.

We believe that ‘just’ trade should be the basis of EU trade policy, not ‘free’ trade. We will fight to end the system of ‘dumping’ on developing countries.

During any trade deal negotiations, European Spring will defend higher standards to protect the environment, human rights, public health, labour rights, public services, animal welfare, and consumer rights.

Finally, we will fight to terminate existing agreements that pose a threat to high standards and human rights.

We reject all mechanisms that create special privileges for multinational corporations. We will oppose Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) and the Investment Court System, which give international investors unfair legal powers to sue local authorities.

We will also reject any attempt to create a Multilateral Investment Court. Instead, we will ensure full regulatory freedom for environmental and social policies without the threat of international investment litigation.

We believe that the right to health care comes before the profits of pharmaceutical corporations. European Spring will challenge all intellectual property protections that interfere with the universal access to basic goods such as nutrition and medication.

The European Union is militarizing at an alarming rate: the Commission is proposing a 13 billion Euro Defense Fund that will increase the size and scope of EU military capabilities.

We propose a ‘Peace and Solidarity Pact’ that rejects EU militarization and ends Europe’s role in violent conflict around the world.

  1. We are calling for the immediate end of all arms sales to states with records of rights violations, and more stringent regulations on all arms exports.
  2. We will fight the ‘military-industrial complex’ by demanding transparency in lobbying by defense contractors in Brussels.
  3. And we call on all member-states to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear weapons in order to end the global arms race.

Multinational corporations must be accountable for their human rights violations. European Spring supports the UN’s Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights. We call on the UN to push for an enforceable mechanism that allows affected people to bring corporations to court.

We believe that the EU should uphold high standards for accession in order to encourage its neighbours to respect fundamental rights and protect democracy. We will call for new criteria of accession to the EU to include social security among citizens, levels of inequality, and working conditions, among others.

We will link up with progressive movements from around the world to call for an International Clearing Union (ICU) in order to rebalance and stabilize the global economy.

The ICU would provide the same benefits as the European Clearing Union, but at the global level: it would measure each country’s trade balance, tax countries with high levels of surplus, and invest these resources in areas that lack access to investment. The International Monetary Fund would administer the ICU, and ensure that the rules of the Union were fair, multilateral, and democratic.

Rather than serving the interests of a few nations, the ICU will increase the equity, output, and stability of the whole global economy.

Our Policies

Please find all our policies as PDF here.