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We want to found a party in Germany - as an electoral wing of the pan-European movement DiEM25! Therefor we need your help!

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Radically european: Candidates from seven european countries


We are pro-european - and we mean it. That's why we asked thousands of people from all around Europe to vote for our candidates. The results: 20 amazing candidates from all over Europe.

Yanis Varoufakis


Daniela Platsch


Srećko Horvat


Bianca Praetorius

Tech-Startup Coach

Everything could be different ...

Alles könnte anders sein... Ein Blick in Europas Zukunft mit Bianca Praetorius.

Gepostet von Demokratie in Europa - Diem25 am Sonntag, 19. Mai 2019

A glimpse into the future of Europe by our candidate Bianca Praetorius.

One Europe. One Program.

DEMOKRATIE IN EUROPA is part of the 'European Spring' alliance. In May 2019, we will be competing in the European elections with a common trans-european programme.

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