Stefan Vardopoulos

As a candidate, my aim is to give the goals of the EUROPEAN SPRING program a strong voice in Germany.


I am the son of a german mother and a greek father. So, clearly I have always felt European since birth. My father used to say that we are a democratic family. That meant everyone was allowed to express their opinion (much to the chagrin of my mother). Democracy is part of the very foundation of my education. But I also gained a few experiences as a “foreigner child” at school (much to the chagrin of myself).

At the age of 17, I became a member of “Die Falken” (Youth Organization of the SPD), in order to witness the “German Autumn” with the effects of house-squatting, “Startbahn West” and sympathy for the RAF, which was followed by strong resistance to nuclear power and rearmament.

With the birth of my son, I began to think intensively about the future of this world and became aware of (among other things of course) the de-regulation in the financial sector (2001-2005), from which the crisis 2008 did emerge. In 2011 and 2012, I actively participated in the “OCCUPY Movement” (“We are the 99%”). Eventually, the consequences of austerity in Greece brought me to DiEM25 in 2016 and then to today to Demokratie in Europa.

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