Srećko Horvat

I want to live in a Europe in which it doesn't matter whether you are a university professor or care-worker, a German or Croatian, male or female, because we would all have the same rights and chances.


I was born in 1983 in Croatia (then socialist Yugoslavia). Since my father was a political emigrant, I moved with my family to München when I was less than a year old. This is how I learned German and got used to build and construct (life, identity, future) from the scratch. We were forced to do the same when we returned to war-torn Croatia in 1991. I know what it means to be a refugee and what it means to have nothing.

Like many other young people today, during my short life I worked as a phyisical laborer, translator, shepherd, university professor, organiser. I completed M.A. in linguistics and philosophy, published more than 10 books, give lectures from Stanford to Humboldt University, but most of the time I am devoted to constructing a better Europe for those like us who are considered foreigners and outcasts, those who know that only by struggle we can create a better future. My goal: with one leg in the EP (using its existing mechanisms), with one leg on the streets protesting the very same EU and what’s wrong with it.

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