Krisztina André

100% renewable energy advocate, ecofeminist, mother of two girls, promoting decentral energy turnaround now to combat climate change.

My name is Krisztina, ecofeminist with Yugoslav and Hungarian roots. I live and work in Munich, with my Dutch husband and our two European daughters.

I am an advocate of 100% renewable energy, promoting decentral energy turnaround now to combat climate change. I am a member of the non-profit European Association for Renewable Energy, Eurosolar for fast and complete phase out of nuclear and fossil energy.

More than 20 years ago, I started to pursue civil society developments in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, focusing on climate protection, clean tech in the energy and mobility sector, energy transition, gender equity and later on the UN’s sustainable development goals.

I believe a positive change can be achieved with a rapid decentral energy transition. The question of power was always central in the human history: those who have the energy sources can live in prosperity. Our present energy system is centralistic (only the few benefit), machoist and outdated. Therefore, if we give direct access to energy for all citizens it will boost democratisation. Direct participation in the energy sector gives power to people, not only to men, but also finally women will have access to decisions and benefits as equal citizens.

The positive aspects of decentral renewable energy turnaround are wealth for local communities. It creates jobs and the added value stays in the community and does not flow towards dictatorial or conflict driven countries. It might even reduce migration into cities and rural exodus.

Today we have all the technical means and the knowledge to use solar, wind and hydro power for generating energy for electricity, mobility and heat with contemporary sector coupling.

What we urgently need is, to get the regulations out of the way of development, let people access the sun, boost renewable development with an annually investment of €500 billion in green energy and transport transition programmes, and phase out environmental and climate damaging subsidies and to introduce a pan-European pollutant tax e.g. carbon tax.

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