Deniz Özkan

Europeas future starts today and needs urgent an update!

My name is Deniz. I am 24 years old and I live in Schleswig-Holstein. I’m currently obtaining a bachelor degree in political sciences and education. I was born in Turkey. My family was forced to leave the country when I was a child because of my father‘s political activities.

From a young age I learned how important freedom of speech and political freedom are. In order to keep our liberties, we want to set an EU-wide standard for our democracy. Because democracy protects our freedoms and values. However, we need to renew our European democracy for that. Although we believe that we live in some of the most democratic countries in the world, our democracy is in real danger. The policy that has been conducted behind closed doors and the lack of transparency towards its citiziens led to troubling situations almost all across the EU.

We need a renewal within the EU politics. This is what I want to reach with Demokratie in Europe. One day – when i’m older – I would like to say that I have done everything I could to democratize the European Union, to keep it alive and make it more social.

Not just for me, for all the future generations after us.

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