Who are we?

We’re quite a diverse bunch of people. We’re young and old, politically active for ages or for the very first time. We work in a wide variety of areas: education, services, health, art, culture, media, politics, manufacturing, civil service, technology, entrepreneurship, business and science. We’re Europeans.

We came together to make a difference. To spread hope. To fight against injustice, regression, historical amnesia and climate ignorance.

DEMOKRATIE IN EUROPA was launched by the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) – the European movement that wants to solve Europe’s crises democratically, transparently and across borders.

Our goal: To build up a national party as electoral wing and part of the transnational movement DiEM25.


Why are we doing this?

We want a common Europe. We want a future for all.

Across Europe, right-wing populists are spreading hate speech. And boy, is it easy. Because fear is contagious. And gosh, are people receptive when the economy is struggling.

Meanwhile, the established political actors apply the same ineffective prescriptions over and over. Constantly renewed austerity policies have become a helpless ritual. Instead of the climate, the banks are being rescued. Instead of the common good, tax havens are being protected. Everyone sees this and nobody is happy with it. It seems as if there are no other possibilities.

We think we can do way better. We have a whole bunch of ideas. Because new times need new solutions. Our programme is a radically optimistic vision for the future.

We have concrete proposals for a united, sustainable and democratic Europe in solidarity – for an open, social and diverse society. A Europe in which the rights of every single person are protected, regardless of their origin, religious or sexual orientation. We fight for a society where the common good is more important than maximizing profits for a few. Where banks and corporations become useful members of our society and abide by democratically agreed rules. Where technology and innovation improve all of our lives. For a future where the climate and nature are sustainably protected.

We want a Europe in which our children and grandchildren can live healthy and free. A Europe that gives hope for a better future, for everyone.

Honestly – if not now, when?

We stand up for solidarity instead of exploitation and racism. For a visionary green investment programme instead of further pollution. For a sustainable financial and monetary policy. So we can finally stop just fighting symptoms of a persisting financial crisis.

So now you know what we do and why we’re doing it. And guess what: Now, we need you. Join us and become part of the new hope for Europe.


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